Standard and premium viewings made simple.


Fed up of missing out on
the latest properties?

It's so frustrating to miss out on a property because it was snapped up before you had a chance to see it. Especially if some of the people who did view were not as serious as you.

With ViewRabbit's Priority View, you can secure early access to the hottest homes from just £30.

And that's not all.

Priority View bookings are guaranteed.

Meaning the agent will not be contacting you saying "we've agreed an offer your viewing is cancelled."

What is
Priority View ?

As you may have experienced, viewing slots on the most sought-after homes are in high demand.

Agents using ViewRabbit allocate a batch of pay-to-view slots when properties are first launched to the market. So that the most credible and committed movers can secure access before free viewings start.

Can I still view it for free?

Yes, absolutely!

The industry norm is free viewings are not guaranteed and can be cancelled anytime if an offer is agreed upon before you see the property.

The agents (and their clients) using ViewRabbit will honour your paid viewing and not accept an offer before you view it as they know you are serious.

If you are successful in buying or renting the property, your payment is refunded.

We estimate currently, over half the sales and lets agreed in England have outstanding viewings cancelled.

No more
telephone tennis
with agents

You can not be serious!

ViewRabbit viewing slots can be booked 24/7 and are pre-agreed by the agent. So, it's game, set and match to telephone tennis, when arranging a time to view.

Can I book all my viewings
through ?

Not yet.

The platform is being tested by a limited number of pioneering agents, who use it for properties with very high enquiries.

Is my payment secure?

Yes, we don't hold your card details and we process payments using the same secure technology as companies like Monzo bank, Deliveroo and ASOS.

monzo deliveroo asos asos

Guarantee your viewing with Priority View

Booking property viewings with is easy

  • Follow the link the agent provided

  • Choose a pre-agreed booking time

  • Pay for priority booking

  • Visit the property

  • Make an offer or provide feedback to the agent, for the owner