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Premium viewings platform for
pioneering agents.

ViewRabbit is leading the way in developing the "Premium Viewing" market and creating a remarkable platform for agents and viewers to interact.

Join other pioneering agents and find out about premium viewings for your agency.

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ViewRabbit for agencies fund
raising for charity

You can choose to donate your agency's ViewRabbit income to charity by flicking the "smile" switch to "On".

Its that simple.

ViewRabbit for agencies with
extreme demand

Quickly booking viewings with motivated buyers and tenants is critical in a busy market. All agents have different ways of achieving this. No solution is perfect. We've all met the cash buyer who ends up having a property to sell.

Nothing qualifies movers quicker and less intrusively than pay-to-view. And nothing gets viewings booked more quickly than buyers and tenants "self-serving" from slots you've offered them.

ViewRabbit for agencies wanting to
reduce "no shows"

We've all been there.

You wait 15 minutes, you call the viewer, you call the office, you check your email, you get back in the car.

Maybe you've wasted an hour. Perhaps you had to call your client and tell them that the tidying up was a waste of their time.

Maybe they will blame you. Maybe they won't.

Maybe you should put a price on your time because no one else will.

"No shows" waste everyone's time and steal precious viewing slots from serious movers.

Buyers and tenants that pay-to-view, show up.

ViewRabbit for agencies with
self employed hubs

Finding the limited number of agents that can support themselves financially while building up their pipeline restricts the growth of the "hub" business model.

Micro-charging, the market's demand side, helps self-employed agents generate income immediately and make it through the "valley of death" before the fees start coming in.

ViewRabbit for agencies with
dream homes

Stop those nosey neighbours, dreamers, wannabees, and YouTubers snooping around or pretending they've "arrived."

Property porn comes at a price to agents, seller's privacy and steals potential viewing slots for serious buyers.

ViewRabbit for agencies with
premium viewings

Would you like to carry out block viewings or open houses for free and charge separately for private longer viewings? Or charge for weekend appointments but not those during the week?

ViewRabbit technology allows you to change the duration of viewings and select which days viewers pay for priority access and those that are free.

ViewRabbit for agencies carrying out
local tours

Local tours. HELLO!

Take "new to the area" viewers for tours of key roads, property types, schools, and restaurants.

It's what you would do if you had the time. Now you do because you are getting paid for it.

Agents can use ViewRabbit to book the time out of the diary, take payments, start earning, and build a rapport with new residents like never before.

When the COVID's over get a minibus ready.

We are developing a range of “premium viewing” options for prospective buyers and tenants.

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We get it. This is new.

You, your team and your clients are going to need support

We are here for you and to bring karma and efficiency to your office.

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